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ThinVNC is intended to help you access your desktop remotely over the web
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ThinVNC is intended to help you access your desktop remotely over the web. The application itself may be a little complicated to use because you will be managing concepts that are rather unknown to many users, such as port and IP. On the contrary, accessing the desktop remotely is very easy. Let us suppose you want to share your desktop with a colleague. It will be enough to send that given person the URL in the form URL:port number. In this regard, the main advantage is that the remote user does not have to install any special software because all it requires is to open the URL with a modern web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). In addition, since sharing is web-based, there will be no limitation as to operating system or device type.
There are several features available during a sharing session. First, you will be able to interact with the remote desktop just as if you were in front of the host computer. Second, you will be able to download documents from the remote computer, or reversely, upload documents to it. Third, you will have the capability to print remote documents locally. Fourth, if you are too concerned about sharing your whole desktop, you can use the presentation mode, in which the remote user can see your desktop but has no permissions to interact with it. In this regard, you may decide to share all of your desktop or just selected applications. Finally, there are some options that will ease remote desktop access while keeping the local network protected.
In general, we can think of many uses for this application. Just imagine how useful this may be for a teacher sharing the desktop with the students or for the tech support staff accessing a customer’s desktop. And if you are a frequent traveler, you will be able to access your desktop from anywhere in the world.

Pedro Castro
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  • It works on any operating system
  • It does not require installing the client in the target computer
  • It can be used from different types of devices
  • It offers remote printing and file-sharing


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